8 Apr 12
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okay, i admit that they look good together (it’s too tiring to fight the sight of this overload cuteness). at least Eunji isnt some slut who shows off her goodies

but what makes me feel uneasy is the way Yoseob looks at her, the way he became slightly nervous? dont you see it too?

i mean, Yoseob’s voice almost disappear at some parts (or maybe just a part) and when he sang “sashil nan, imi neoreul saranghae” HE TOTALLY LOST IT! (im not a person who just simply said anything i want, i mean i KNOW about HOW he should sing that part”

why? because you saw Eunji in front of you? but dammit that little mistake makes them look even cuter Dx

you know, i dont hate them. i love Yoseob and B2ST, and also Eunji and APink. but you know, as a fangirl… you…. really dont wanna ship your bias with anyone except his band members (am i right? lol)

well, i didnt make this post with any special reason. i just wanted to :|

til now, i still dont ship them, and this may or may not change. thank you

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